Jan. 24 2020

We have great positions open for those want to make a next career in the Big Data domain. ENJERRY is a new company, fully focused on projects in this Big Data domain. All expertise to run a project from design to implementation will be available.

Become part of a team of well-educated people with a great passion for Big Data. In an environment where you only work on Big Data projects, together with colleagues with the same passion. An environment where you can share your experiences with and get support from your colleagues. Besides your assignments to projects, you have the freedom to experiment and develop yourself. As we have all functions available you can make great career steps.

ENJERRY has no legacy and is creating an organization that the nowadays requirements meet in terms of ‘great place to work for’.

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Nov. 28 2019

The ENJERRY brand represents a promise to all who come in contact with the company.  It embodies the ‘ENJERRY Experience’ — our reputation, our high standards, and all the values that drive our company. That’s why each one of us at ENJERRY has a responsibility to ensure that the ENJERRY brand is communicated in a strong, responsible, and consistent manner.

This brand booklet expresses the enduring personality and fundamental qualities of the ENJERRY brand. It shows how our people, products, and services come together to create a unique brand statement.

This booklet is a tool to help express that brand identity and personality with consistency and quality. By working together, we’ll help the ENJERRY brand to gain loyalty among our growing customer base and to gain strength in the marketplace.

Brand Booklet ENJERRY 2020 - 2025.PDF

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Nov. 11 2019

ENJERRY, the Centre of Expertise in Big Data projects. Companies have internal project teams to run the in-house projects. For key projects the majority of different functions are filled by own employees. The project team becomes an internal Centre of Expertise. To request extra capacity, they go to existing suppliers, disregarding whether they have these specialized people.

ENJERRY is an external Centre of Expertise in Big Data and your extension for extra capacity or outsourcing partner for big data projects. ENJERRY employees are dedicated Big Data experts, working on Big Data projects at various customer sites. Their variety of experiences is an important added value to your projects. ENJERRY made the expertise of all employees easily accessible so it can be used in the projects ENJERRY employees are working on. The new way of Big DATA expertise sharing is the very heart of ENJERRY, we call it our Virtual Knowledge Netwerk, an external Center of Expertise that goes far beyond just delivering extra capacity.

a Centre of Expertise in Big Data? First of all we believe in real focus and have the guts to make a decision on this. Big Data projects are already on most Board agenda’s and the number of projects or pilots is growing rapidly. Take a look at the Internet of Things (IoT) developments. Approx. 55 billion IoT devices by 2025, all generating Data. But not only IoT generates Data, it will show up in all kind of different industries.

ENJERRY, Big Data Experts will cover all required data roles to run any big data project from initial idea up to implementation, local and remote. We can support our customers on every phase in their projects with qualified Big Data experts. In the near future, ENJERRY will be able to integrate inhouse developed frameworks and systems to shorten the projects and reduce the risk with these proven solutions.

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Nov. 01 2019


After more than 20 years of ACTRA we decided to combine our experiences, skills and believes to start a new company. Driven by the vision; that people that are totally happy in what they do, are also people that more likely create successful business. With this in mind we cannot longer talk about: “a healthy Work Life balance”, because work is already a part of happiness.

From the first ideas, vision, mission and strategy to operation, we invite you to follow us. On this webpage we share our progress and unavoidable hick-ups. Today, the 1st of November 2019, is the birthday of ENJERRY, serving the BIG DATA market with BIG DATA experts.

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