A meaningful career

When we look around us – both on a global and local level – it can seem like everything is changing at once. And fast! This is challenging. If we understand the need for change, we can see it as an opportunity to be part of a vital process where our liniar economic model is changing into a circular economic model.

So the labor market is also constantly changing, that’s a fact for many decades now. But recently we think it’s getting more holistic than ever before; permanent contracts, fixed term contracts, project staffing, contingent workers, work life balance, meaningful work, social footprint of the employer, environmental responsibilities, circular economic models. The talents are now in the position to shape the demand side or the labor market, many employers are well aware of this new list of requirements. We all know that the current linear economic model is ending, It's time to change, dare to act different! Time to meet ACTRA NEXT.

About us

ACTRA NEXT is founded in 1998 and located in the Eindhoven, the heart of the High-Tech region, the fastest growing region in the Netherlands with a vast variety of nationalities and different cultures, working together on great solutions. ACTRA NEXT is for more than 20 years a trusted talent supplier for High-Tech multinationals, mid-sized companies and start-ups. In 2019 we started to renew our Project Staffing services. We build long lasting partnerships with talented professionals in the High-Tech and IT industry. And above all, working together is so much fun.

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Our Services

ACTRA NEXT project Staffing

Project Staffing

Project staffing means; supplying employers needs for temporary professionals. This service is established in close harmony with the professional. ACTRA NEXT supports the full freedom for the professional and the employer e.g.; "finding new agreements during the project". That's true flexibility. This freedom is recognised as an unique service in the Workforce Demand Domain. All talents working via ACTRA NEXT will have a Personal Talent Agent that looks after the career developement.

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ACTRA NEXT Mergers & Acquisitions

Recruitment Support

ACTRA NEXT is more than 18 years a trustful Recruitment partner. We support inhouse recruitment departments: End2End corporate recruitment, Sourcing, Recruitment process development. Our latest support is, Mergers & Acquisitions Recruitment Support. Autonomous growth is not the only way companies are scaling up. New and overlapping products are added to the product portfolio in order te enter new markets. Almost in all cases, considerable investments are made in personnel growth. ACTRA NEXT supports this growth by delivering direct recruitment capacity. Delivering new talents in a merging organization is an exceptional discipline that we master.

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project name

Career Counseling & Coaching

From time to time we look back on our career and we wonder whether we have missed a turn or whether we need to get more out of our given talents. We believe that in the words; "Do what you love and become terribly good at it" because that makes us really happy. In other words, life your passion. But that is not so easy for many people. There are often many reasons to make choices that are not in line with intrinsic values and passion. We can help you find your way.

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Latest Projects & Our Professionals

Intrinsic ID

From March 2019 Richard van den Bosch of ACTRA NEXT was ask to become interim HR director at Intrinsic ID. Intrinsic ID is the world’s leading digital authentication company, providing the Internet of Things with hardware-based root-of-trust security via unclonable identities for any IoT-connected device. Based on Intrinsic ID’s patented SRAM PUF technology, the company’s security solutions can be implemented in hardware or software. Intrinsic ID security, which can be deployed at any stage of a product’s lifecycle, is used to validate payment systems, secure connectivity, authenticate sensors, and protect sensitive government and military systems. Intrinsic ID technology has been deployed in more than 150 million devices.

Richard van den Bosch

PHILIPS Acquired: VitalHealth Software

In December 2017 PHILIPS acquired VitalHealth Software in Ede, The Netherlands. Richard van den Bosch of ACTRA NEXT was ask to join forces in 2018 and 2019 and supports the recruitment department of VitalHealth with staffing. In 2018 great recognisable results.: 73 new hires together with a tailormade interim ATS.

Richard van den Bosch

PHILIPS Acquired: Forcare

In December 2017 PHILIPS acquired Forcare Healthcare Information Technology in Zeist, The Netherlands. Eric Everstijn was asked to help Forcare to recruit for open positions in The Netherlands and UK and align Forcare with the Philips recruitment process for a smooth transfer in January 2019.

Eric Everstijn

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