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ACTRA NEXT, inspired by the movie: Jerry Maguire – [1997]

In the movie Jerry Maquire, Is Tom cruise in the role of Jerry Maquire, a top-sports broker. In this tough world he is using the sports people to make big money for his employer. One day he realized that there is more behind this business model than just making money. He decided to change his life but not in favor of his employer and colleagues. He got fired and dropped by his colleagues and key customers. He started his own company with only one candidate: a football-player, still a long way to go to the top, but he required from Jerry just one thing: “Show me the money….”

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Project Staffing & Talent Sourcing

Maximum Flexibility

The quality of your staff is key to the company’s success. It is essential to be critical and selective on hiring staff. Talented employees, both fixed or flex, working in the right place with inspiring guidance and exiting business objectives deliver measurable valuable results. The whole idea of being successful as a business is based upon working together; one workforce, one team. The added value in skills and competences is more important than the type of agreement. One workforce, it means regardless of whether you are in permanent employment or if you have been temporarily hired, the results count. More and more we realize that flexibility in this rapidly changing technology driven market is the most important success factor.

ACTRA NEXT is specialized in sourcing highly talented people for technology customers. People that match background, personal ambitions and Mindset and people we proudly represent as Talent Agency. As Talent Agency we work in the first place for the talents we accompany in getting the best out of their careers. It is their career, they decide. We advice, coach and train them to make the most our of their given talent. As company you get the best value for your money when a talent fits in every way, likes the assignment and is aware that this assignment adds value to his/her set of experience for a next career step. The type of agreement will never be forced by us. Whether the talent start as contractor, as employee or any combination of these, it is okay for ACTRA NEXT as long as the talent and the hiring company both agree.

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HR Consultancy & HR Training

Your HR Business Partner

With more than 22 years of experience in HRM we believe that we are more than just a very good HR business partner, we bring your line management up to speed with state of the art operational HRM knowledge:

  • conducting job interviews
  • conducting performance interviews
  • conducting assessment interviews
  • having bad news conversations
  • drawing up a personal development plan
  • coaching leadership style
  • handling senior management
  • Job rating(evaluation) system (Hay Method)

In many cases a senior employee is promoted to the position of team leader. In even more cases, the employee is not directly trained for such a new role. Certainly not when we look at the growing number of HR responsibilities. ACTRA NEXT is the HR partner for HR training for line management. Practical training that line manager can apply directly in his daily role. Feel free to contact us for HR consultancy and HR training, we are happy to help you develop a strong HR line of responsibility.

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Recruitment Support

Extra Recruitment Power

ACTRA NEXT is more than 18 years a trustful Recruitment partner in the high tech industry. Initially started as first external supplier for Philips EMEA Recruitment Services, a new department within Philips HR in 2002. Recruitment separated from HR operations to be more succesfull in attracking new employees In a later phase we also worked for companies like NXP, Thermo Fisher, Nexperia, IMEC and more.

Our recruiters are experienced recruiters with a track-record in the end-to-end recruitment process; from intake meeting up to offer closing. Strong in stakeholder management and an ambassador for our customer towards the candidates. Our recruiters challenge the hiring managers to get a strong and clear job description, attractive for the candidates. ACTRA NEXT recruiters are pro-active and reach out to candidates all over the world.

ACTRA NEXT Recruitment Support services: Intermediary for interim recruitment; Temporary recruitment capacity for in-house recruitment at customer site. Recruitment Support for Mergers & Acquisitions; Operational recruitment during the integration of 2 companies, dealing with different ways of working and different cultures. Talent Sourcing; Delivery of short list of candidates for a specific vacancy. Building Talent Communities; We create a pool of potential candidates for key job profiles for a company. Recruitment Process Outsourcing; We deliver a complete recruitment team as a service that acts as being part of the company. Building and/or managing recruitment departments; We can deliver experienced recruitment managers or build new recruitment departments for companies that want to have inhouse recruitment Interview training for hiring managers; Train hiring managers to interview effective and based on companies values.

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Career Counseling

About your strenghts & Being happy

Understanding what you do best is essential to succeeding professionally. But often we are unclear on our own strengths. Finding yourself standing on a crossroad is more than moment in time. It's the moment that you can ask yourself; "Am I happy?". Am I happy with the life I lead? Are there possibilities for increasing my happiness in life so that I can get more out of myself? Career Counseling by ACTRA NEXT is not just about your career, it's also about you as a person. Who are you, what makes you really happy.

If you do what you are good at and it is great fun then you can excel in it. Identifying your strengths. Discover your natural gifts, your passions, your skills, and your greatest abilities. We can help you focus on the strenghts (and what you should avoid). We help you clarify if your current job is a fit and what you can do to address a mismatch.

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